An exciting multicultural community with worship services in Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast. Our heart is to bring God’s hope to all.

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Our 2016 Focus

This year I would like to share about one key aspect that I felt in the Holy Spirit is a critical step for us in moving towards that destiny.  I am calling it Crossover: To Greater Things in Christ. So today, I will share on THE CROSSOVER from this passage of Scripture.  It will help us understand why crossing over will be such a critical commitment for us as a church.

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Realises the thoughts, vision, inspirations, and moments of triumph in the lives of people

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Where Ends Meet (Short Film)

‘Where Ends Meet.’ is a short film that explores the themes of love and loss through the lives of two couples. When driven to the point where ends meet, each character is given a choice to make.

The film mirrors the reality of struggles we may face in love and relationships. When we get caught up in pursuit of personal ambitions in the different seasons of our lives, when our misplaced priorities wear down the people we hold most dear. Yet when we hit rock bottom, at the place where ends meet, we find grace, forgiveness and a love we never knew.


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Unidus Community Centre

Facilities for bringing the community together. Available for hire.

We strive to provide excellent support and services for community and corporate events. Unidus is always abuzz with many activities throughout the week. Our spacious seminar rooms are uniquely flexible with operable walls, enabling events ranging from small birthday parties, weddings to large scale concerts or conferences. For more information, please visit or email

Hands of Hope

Community arm of Hope Church. Empowering communities by offering hope and practical support.

Hands of Hope is the community arm of Hope Church, based in Unidus Community Centre. Our aim is to bring hope to neighbourhoods and families. We do this through specialised programs and events that provide practical support to children and families.