One thing I find extremely difficult to do is to share my faith in Jesus with the people I know. Why does this happen? Mainly, being a new believer, I am extremely fearful of telling people the wrong thing, especially when they question my decision to follow Jesus. To illustrate my point, it actually took 3 months before my parents knew I went to church. I was a low profile Christian, doing fundamental things, just attending church and maybe doing devotions daily.

However, after a recent encounter God laid out for me, which I really want to thank God for this opportunity, it has made me more open and less fearful of sharing about Jesus and especially what he has done after I came to know God as my Lord and Saviour.

While two other brothers and I were travelling from Phillip Island Adventure Resort (PIAR) to Melbourne city, we got lost. To make things worse, it was half an hour more before we had to return the car, or else we had to pay a fine. Thankfully, God was watching over us. We received a call from the car company and to our surprise, they offered to push the timing we needed to return the car 3 hours later. We heaved a sigh of relief and continued our journey.

It was only at that point of time, about 2.45pm, that we were starving. We left PIAR in a haste without even having lunch so as to return the car on time. Since we were not in a rush to return the car, we pulled over at a shop along the roads. We entered the shop and the shop owner greeted us. As the shop owner was Chinese, he got really excited when he saw 3 chinese walking into his shop. We started the conversation, with topics like the china economy, Australia lifestyle and their differences with the Singapore lifestyle. As we came from OC, we were sort of on a spiritual high, and were looking for opportunities to share about what we learnt during OC. The chance finally came when he asked what brought us to Phillip island. We told him we went there for a church conference, and continued the conversation by asking for his religious beliefs and sharing about ours. Just as we were about to ask him if we could pray for him, a customer came in and we knew it was time to leave. All we said was have a blessed day and we left.

Although we did were not able to pray for the shop owner, I have learnt a lot from this experience God laid for me. It reminded me of a devotion that we did during OC, on Acts 14:1-4, where Paul and Barnabas spoke and many jews and greeks believed. The main points we learnt from those scriptures were that in order for someone to listen to your sharing about jesus, we have to speak gods words, speak boldly, testify about gods glory through signs and wonders. I learnt that so long as we talk to people with intention and speak boldly, I will be able to tell people about my faith in Jesus, overcoming one of my inner fears.

God is such an amazing God, no matter what fears you are facing, he will always find ways for you to overcome them. So, what are your greatest fears? Be courageous, submit them to God and he will help you overcome them.

Thong WeiHan
Bachelor in Physiotherapy Honours