Audiovisual Production

(part of WAM)

Audiovisual Production has become a central pillar in the modern church. While worship has evolved to include many mainstream as well as classical instruments, the demand to emphasise stage production and worship sessions by way of amplification is central to the church environment and atmosphere. However, large auditorium spaces cannot simply be fitted out with any random pick of available products. At Unidus Community Centre, we employed a consultant company (Stage Design) to draw and recommend products based on our current need and future prospects. Our auditorium is carefully designed with high quality equipment coupled with excellent acoustic dampening products that collectively gives the congregant a good experience in audio and visual production that should and does not impede on their senses or ability to worship.

At Hope Church, we operate a large audio processing system, broadcast grade video system and advanced lighting rig. We have a team of over 20 persons who volunteer every sunday with great care and precision to allow the artful amplification of audio and visual aspects of stage production coupled with stage lighting that fit the mood and moments. However, we need to grow. We need more volunteers who have a keen eye for detail, a careful but energetic ear and those who know the challenges of mood and moments of colour and sound.

If you would like to enquire more, please talk to us. We are always training, systemising and designing new ways of bringing God’s Word in better ways. Please contact Tim Pan, Technical Director of Audiovisual Production & IT (