I grew up in Newcastle, NSW, the youngest of three sons in a typical working class family. The first time I heard God’s voice was when I was about 20 years old. I was drinking with a mate when he had an accident, so I thought I will be a good samaritan and take him to the hospital. He was very uncooperative so I took him to the pub thinking maybe that will settle him down, but when we left in the car we both passed out and were heading toward a horrific accident. Suddenly I was awakened by a voice that was very clear and sounded as though in full 3D surround system. The voice said, “Stu, you better wake up.” And I did just in time before we crashed into a house. My mate never woke up through the whole ordeal, so where else could that voice come from? I believe it was God’s voice. I believe He stepped in and saved our lives that day.

By the time I was 23, I felt things were getting out of hand and that maybe if I settle down into a relationship my drinking would settle down also. I did meet someone and I did settle down, but not for long. Due to stress and anxiety, I went on a drink driving rampage, and from there I found myself in Alcoholics Anonymous – a society for recovering alcoholics – for the first time, but unfortunately I did not stay in the group for long. For the next few years the alcohol demons only surfaced occasionally. I moved to Brisbane in 2001 and not long after that I got divorced from my first wife and my drinking gradually started to escalate again, until I met my second wife, my soul mate. Things remained good for the next few years until 2005, when my father, my best mate, passed away and I also became estranged from my children. This is when the drinking really took a turn for the worse.

It was at this point when I decided to go back to church and get back in touch with God. I had asked God many times to remove this terrible disease from me, but nothing really happened, until I prayed with Pastor Joshua one day, to have it removed completely from my life. This time was different; it truly came from the heart and God heard me. Over the next few days I started to feel different, like a massive weight had been lifted, and what’s more, God spoke to me through a vision. He said, “Stu, where have you been, My son? I’ve been waiting for you. I have missed you. I have a seat at my table for you. Let me carry your bags for a while. Come in and have a seat.” At that moment, my pain and addiction were completely gone! I guess you could call it a miracle. I had been cured and all I felt was pure unconditional love from my Spiritual Father – it was an amazing feeling!

I once thought, how could God love me or want me after all I had done? Yet He welcomed me with open arms and unconditional love that only a truly great father can give. I don’t know if the addiction will try to return, but I know that as long as I stay close to God He will protect and comfort me through stormy weather or the calm waters that lie ahead.

Through God the impossible becomes possible, the unbelievable becomes believable. These are not just words; they are facts that I have seen and felt from my own experience.

Stuart Yarr
Elevate W5, Willawong Service