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 [column-group][column]Worship, Arts & Media (WAM)
If you love music, dance or drama, if you are a musician or love to sing, we want you! We have senior musicians and singers who are eager to train from all our services. We have photographers who also make great short videos for announcements, and dancers who hold dance classes regularly. Come join us! Go to WAM [/column]

[column]Audio, Video & Lighting (part of WAM)
At Hope Church, Willawong Centre, we operate expansive technology and infrastructure which has taken us to new levels of operation. Our vision is to amplify stage production effectively, to bring the message and worship to the wider audience distraction free. We provide training for all our equipment but most of all we want those who have a keen eye for detail, someone who is always thinking about what they see and hear. If you critique the music you listen, or have an artsy eye for colours and imagination, we’d love to hear from! Go to Audiovisual Production [/column][/column-group]

[column-group][column]Kids For Christ
At both Willawong and St. Lucia centre, we run classes for kids from toddlers to 8-10 years olds. We have effective programs and great teachers who foster gentle and enjoyable environment for the kids. If you love kids and want to contribute to their development, please join us! And for parents with young children, we also encourage you to enrol your kids in KFC as they’ll be in an environment among their peers. Go to Kids 4 Christ [/column][/column-group]