At the end of April this year, my employer informed me that the company was not doing well and that they had decided to write off the business. When I heard this news, I felt mixed feelings of sadness and relief – sad because I knew that I would be jobless, yet relieved because God had been prompting me to change jobs earlier this year. I finished my employment at the end of May and had been applying for jobs since then.

The first few weeks were still exciting to wait for an ‘upgraded’ job from God. I told God that I wanted a job located in Brisbane CBD, a bigger firm, somewhere that I could learn new things, and of course with a better pay. In early May, I received two interviews; one from an accounting firm at Loganholme, and another with a property developer in South Brisbane. Both interviews seemed promising. However, they were unsuccessful. I remembered God comforting me through a small whisper in my heart saying, “Those positions are not in the city, remember?”

After one month, I lost hope in finding that dream job in Brisbane due to downturns in the job market and after hearing of redundancy news from my friends in Brisbane. It felt like I had put everything I had into applying for as many jobs as I could, yet all the responses were negative. I felt stuck and did not know what to do.

Seeing my bank account balance decreasing, I prayed to God – if I do not have a job by the end of July, I will go back to Jakarta and work there. I became overwhelmed with stress and chose to give up on finding a job in Australia.

On the first Thursday of July, my mentor from university contacted me and asked me if I was interested to apply for a position in her team, and that she could arrange an interview for me. I quickly replied her email and went for the interview on the following Wednesday. On Friday, while I was at Power14, I received a call from my mentor. She told me that my application was successful! I was so happy and thankful to God for this miraculous provision. This job met all the criteria I asked God for. I am amazed and still cannot believe that I am now working in the fifth largest accounting firm in Australia and globally, and it is located in CBD. All glory to God!

Proverbs 16:9, “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”

Myrna Lie
Investment Funds Administrator
Elevate S1, St Lucia Morning Service