Last year before the summer break, Pastor Wilson asked us to pray for two people whom we want to see accept Christ. God showed me a vision of my mother and cousin, and told me to go back home to Singapore for the break. True enough, that December, my mother came to know Christ during her first visit to Hope Singapore. My mother was so touched by the Christmas musical and service; she gave her life to Jesus at the end. Soon after, my cousin also came to be saved! Praise the Lord! God has been so good to my family.

However, before flying back to Brisbane in February, I grew worried that my mother and my cousin would stop attending church and lifegroup whilst I am away. True enough, my cousin stopped attending church after her salvation. My mother, on the other hand, kept complaining about parking in church and the people in her lifegroup. Before I left, I prayed to God, that I would leave my family into His capable hands and trust in His plans.

Despite my physical absence, my mother remained faithful in going to church and eventually, started becoming a regular member of her lifegroup. She would send me a text every Friday and Sunday, updating me about how God has been speaking to her and growing her in her faith. But the greatest miracle of all was yet to occur. A month before her water baptism, Mom told me that her lifegroup leader invited her to be water baptised. However, she was unsure if she was worthy enough. She was ashamed of the things she had done in her life and her inability to change. I reassured her that her salvation and transformation had nothing to do with worth or personal works; rather, it is a gift from God that we choose to accept. “Do you want to be a child of God?” I asked her. She said yes. Reassured, we ended the call before she went to the office bathroom. Suddenly, she saw a baby grey feather lying on the floor. She called me immediately, saying an angel left a present for her. I was rather sceptical and told her to keep it nonetheless, as she felt that it was a sign from God of His approval for her water baptism.

The following week, Mom rang and told me she kept hearing the word “exonerated” on repeat in her head, yet she did not know what it meant. After Googling it, she discovered that the definition of that word was “to be cleared of an accusation; to be free from guilt or blame”. I was shocked! She was so excited because she was certain God was speaking to her, that He wanted her to be exonerated. I believed and encouraged her to hold on to that sign. As we drew closer to her baptism date, I grew worried that the devil might try to discourage or deter her. Thankfully, God kept intervening and showed her encouraging signs.

The biggest miracle happened the day of her water baptism – my mother and her lifegroup leader, saw a single baby grey feather fall from the church ceiling during the praise and worship session. Amazingly, she managed to find that feather at the end of the service; it was the exact same grey feather she found in the bathroom 4 weeks ago! She knew without a doubt now that this was what God wanted for her. With full confidence, my mother got baptised on 24th April 2015. She even got my cousin to come and record her water baptism. Since then, my cousin started attending church more regularly. I truly thank God for pouring out His faithfulness and love over my family. He is our doting Father who loves His children. I pray that this testimony may build faith in some of us; do not give up in reaching out to our family members whilst persisting in prayer and interceding for them (Psalm 100:1-5).

Rachel Sato
Doctorate of Philosophy in Business: Social Marketing
Uni-Generation UQ3, St Lucia Afternoon Service