In March this year, our daughter Sophia started vomiting in the middle of the night and subsequently became unconscious. We rushed her to the hospital and discovered that she had a bleed in her brain due to a ruptured abnormal blood vessel in her head. Over the next six weeks, Sophia underwent four different surgeries on her head. It was such a painful and miserable time for her and for us. There were many doubts and fears. However, through those difficult times, we saw the hand of God upon Sophia and our family.

On the fourth day in hospital, Sophia developed a high fever because of meningitis. She was asleep most of the time and when she was awake, she would just stare into the space and occasionally blink to answer questions. Sophia’s grandma arrived from Malaysia the next day, and she started to sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’. Suddenly, Sophia opened her eyes, her face brightened up and she started singing the entire song with grandma in a clear voice! She then drifted back to sleep. On another day, upon waking up, we asked her, “Sophia, you had a long sleep, what did you dream about?”, and she answered, “Jesus!”

Sophia gradually got better over the next few days, but the fluid draining from her head remained very blood-stained. The surgeons said that if it did not clear up, she would need a permanent shunt – which means more surgery. So we prayed, and we asked for those around us to pray with us. One Sunday morning, I got a text message from Sophia’s grandfather, in which he prayed that the fluid would “clear up immediately”. True enough, from that moment on, the fluid started to clear up. From being a deep red fluid, it became orange the very next hour, and by the next day, it was clear. Praise the Lord!

Another challenge came when Sophia developed a deep wound infection. She was in pain and the thought of needing another surgery felt unjust. I asked God why these things were happening. In my not-so-humble opinion, a little 3-year-old should be spared from all this pain and suffering! Yet God in His grace, brought me back to His word in Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him…” It gave me peace and reassurance to know that God is in control of every situation!

After having undergone a few surgeries, Sophia had difficulty with balance and coordination for many weeks. She could walk only if she held on to our hands, and when she tried to walk by herself, she would stagger and fall over. The rehabilitation specialist told us that balance is one of the most difficult things to rehabilitate, and it would take some time before Sophia regains her balance and coordination. One night, as I was praying about this in her room, I felt this great sense of joy and peace. The next morning, I picked her up to go to the toilet, but she said, “Mummy, remember you said today I am going to walk everywhere?” So I set her down, and I noticed right away that she was much steadier in her walking. There was no swaying to the left or to the right. By the end of the morning, she was walking all by herself without holding on to anything or anyone. Praise the Lord!

Today, Sophia is back to her loud, joyful, running, jumping, climbing self again. We would like to thank everyone who stood alongside us in prayer, and for visiting us in the hospital.

Erik & Chia Ying Fung
Family 2, Willawong Service