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Adult (ages 18 and above): $15
Youth (ages 12 to 17): $10
Family package: $10 per parent and $5 per kid 
*Children aged 3 and above only 
*To be eligible for the family prices, the parent(s) and kid(s) need to be registered together. 
Registration will include a delegate’s pack, conference booklet, Saturday morning tea and Saturday lunch. Please make your own arrangements for all other meals. 
Leaders conference: 21 November 2014, 7.00pm 
Church conference: 22 – 23 November 2014, 8.30am 
Venue: Unidus Community Centre
Be excited to hear from our line of speakers – Ps Wilson Lim, Ps Lai Ling Lim, Ps Joshua Chee and our guest speaker, Ps Joshua Choi from Heartbeat Church, Sydney! 
Topics covered will include:
Greater Impact – Jesus came to seek and save the lost. In God, we can believe and expect to see signs and wonders as we pray for others. Come discover this authority that God has given us to bring healing and restoration to the ‘crippled’. 
Greater Service – There is no greater master we can serve than God. Understand that the greatest manner of serving is through the giving of ourselves. God is looking for undivided hearts; let us take up the call of serving God whole-heartedly! 
Greater House – The church is meant to house the presence of God, God’s family and God’s mighty army. It is the hub of God’s Kingdom on earth, the key to fulfilling the Great Commission. Come catch the heart of investing and building God’s house together! 
Greater Mission – God’s mission of winning souls, making disciples and planting churches is the greatest mission ever. It is far greater than any mission of our own design; it is world-wide in scope, eternal in impact and glorious in outcome. Be ready to lay down our own missions to take up God’s mission! 
Greater Works – Together, we will do even greater works that Jesus. Get ready for an even greater reach, greater power and greater harvest! Together, we can expect to see a greater harvest and greater reach into our community and beyond, through the greater exercise of spiritual gifts and powers.