Kids 4 Christ

Our vision is to raise Christ centred children to be godly and responsible adults in the community and in God’s kingdom. They would in turn be a good and powerful influence to people in their generation and generations to come.

We provide quality age appropriate programs, with fun Bible teaching, crafts and music for children. Each centre runs the kids program slightly varied, depending on the needs, ages and size of the children’s groups in the centre. We have a KFC coordinator for each centre, to oversee the kids program.

Our KFC Team are there to care for your kids.  Look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Willawong Centre

Every Sunday, the Kids program at Willawong centre are grouped into different age groups. Each group are typically allocated 2 to 3 teachers weekly. The 3 groups are:

Sparkles (2 ½ yr – 4 yrs) where children are introduced the basics of God’s Word, through play, story-telling, crafts, and songs.

Son Lights (4 yrs – 6 yrs) where children learn about God and His Word through a variety of stories, songs, crafts and games.

Impact (7 Yrs – 12 Yrs) where children are empowered to make positive life choices while having a fun time and meeting friends. Through easy to relate to Bible teachings they learn how to develop a personal relationship with God.

The kids program start at 9:45am and finishes at 12noon. 

Parents’ Room

We also provide a room for parents with young children (ages 1 to 3), who are not ready for the Kids’ Program in Sparkles group. This room has live transmission of the Sunday morning church service, for parents.

Mothers’ Room

There is also a feeding room. This is a quiet room, where babies can be settled and fed by their mums.

St. Lucia Centre

Every Sunday, we have a kids program for children (age 2 to 8 ), with fun Bible teaching, crafts and music. The children also join the main church service for praise & worship on the 1st Sunday of every month.

The kids program start at 9:45am and finishes at 12noon.

Our Curriculum

We plan a yearly Curriculum that aims to help your children grow in God and experience His love.  

The lessons for children age 4 to 12 years old are derived from “Come and See Jesus” By Lutheran Church of Australia 1998. We are also utilising resources written by Ps David Goodwin of the KidsReach Inc Ministries.  The Sparkles program is developed by parents of Hope Church, Brisbane, and some lessons and crafts are derived from “On the Way” and “Instant Toddler lessons” series.

Our Volunteers

We require that all volunteers hold a current Positive Notice blue card for Child Related Employment issued by the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian.