Connect in Community

We have groups for family, young adults and youth. Contact us below to find out more.

Hope Church is a community that is doing life together, God’s way. It is in a loving and accepting community where we can be real and enjoy genuine friendships. For the church community is intended by God to be a supportive, nurturing and inspiring environment for all to develop into their fullest potential in God.

For that reason, we encourage every attendee to be a part of a life group. These are small groups that meet regularly and do life together, God’s way. We have groups from youth (Ablaze), to university students (CCM), adults (Elevate) and families. Such groups meet regularly, whether weekly or twice monthly, spread throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich. Many life-long friendships have developed out of these groups.

In these groups there are also opportunities to explore and study the Bible in practical ways. To better understand how it applies to our lives.

Why not come along and join one of our life groups?

If you are interested in any particular groups, please fill out the following so we may help you find a suitable group nearest to you:

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*Please indicate Name, Suburb Postcode and whether you’re Youth, University Student, Adult or Family.

A story to brighten up your day

How God helped us in our production when we thought our budget was blown.

After trying to put the cardboard canvas together, we still needed to buy more supplies to hold it up. The 2nd morning we came back to get it done, Jared found $20 at the bus stop on his way over. So we went to kmart and bought all we needed and it amounted to a total of $21. We spent 5 days working on this video and each day when we filmed we prayed for consistent weather so the video would look consistent. During that season, it was quite cloudy throughout. On the final day of shooting (it was the day that the bulk of the cast was supposed to come) it RAINED.

So we cancelled and postponed it to the next day that every one was free. Which was a month later!

One month later, perfect weather. Beautiful colours and warm sunlight, just what was needed. We finished the video and had a LOT of fun. The following Saturday, the park that we had been filming at had been cordoned off for construction. If we had waited just one more week to film the final scene, the set would look completely different with all the construction in the background. Amazing… PRAISE GOD for his perfect timing. 🙂

Thank God for inspiration for editing the video and composing the music. We were both pretty dry and uninspired for a long time until it all came together and very quickly too!

– Robyn Wong