Jesus never promised us that our lives would be free of the troubles of this world, In fact, the world is fallen and because we live in it, we must endure the tough times that present themselves in unlikely situations. A testing time came to me in the first quarter of 2011, a time when just about every major part of my life went “haywire” all at once. 

My father was in his terminal decline and when I thought that it was bad enough, a few of the family members sought to take advantage of the situation – with some success. My sister at one stage did not speak to me for two years and this was one relationship that I thought I would never lose, but at that point it seemed to have been. In addition, there were woes at my workplace as a painful facial injury made me quite antisocial for some months. All the chaos that was taking place made it seem like the world was against me and life was all about enduring – nothing more.

By the natural way of thinking, there was only one thing which could improve. My face did stop hurting after six months – the doctors were right all along. But more than that, the Holy Spirit worked in me. In a way that defied the wisdom of the world, my attitude began to change. God spoke to me through the Bible from Ephesians 6:10, and through gospel music. I saw the truth, that through a succession of “middle ranking disasters”, Jesus never gave up on me, just like how he never gave up on sinners and tax collectors. Forgiveness is for us all and the Holy Spirit should be living in all of us. We need to believe that no matter what, we are loved and we are part of the family of God. I repented of walking around thinking the whole world was out to crush me. 

Now, in 2014, my work is going well and I have managed to salvage a relationship with the members of my family with whom it is possible to communicate with.

The life we have been given is a gift and we should enjoy it.


Robert Mclean
Senior Global GMP Auditor
Elevate W1, Willawong Service