I graduated with a Master of Teaching and as a teacher I find it a struggle to bring Christ in the workplace. I would get busy with work, which usually leads to me feeling mentally and emotionally drained. There was a period of time where I would go to school just to work and not find ways to reach out to people in my workplace. However everything changed during the winter of 2014 when I attended the Hope Oceania Convention that hosted Randy Clark. During the convention, God gave me a vision of bringing heaven to my workplace. I felt a stirring in my heart to pray for different students in my workplace, and so I prayed for opportunities for me to show God’s love in school.

One day when I was teaching, a student shouted out that he had injured his back and elbow therefore he could not sit properly and type. I did not know what came over me but I simply replied, “Come see me after class if you want to get better.”, and continued with my lesson. I completely forgot about what I had said during the lesson but was surprised to find that the student did stay back after class as he was curious as how to get better. He explained that he had fallen awkwardly during the weekend, injuring his elbow and back, thus preventing him from attending the Australian Football League (AFL) trials next week. In response, I told him that I have prayed for people for healing, and most of the time they get healed; I then asked if he would give me permission to pray for him. The student quickly agreed and so I prayed a quick prayer. I asked the student to test it but he said he still felt the same. Determining not to give up and knowing that God heals, I tried again and on the second attempt he said he felt better and could actually move his elbow and back! When I asked him if he knew who healed him, and he answered, “Jesus did?”

That event gave me the faith and courage to pray for more students in school. There were some who got healed of migraine and flu, and to be honest there were others who rejected the offer to be prayed for. But with every step and opportunity, I know it is one step closer to bringing someone to know Jesus for themselves. I would like to encourage you to ask God about how you can make a difference and demonstrate the love of God in your university or workplace. It could be stepping out in faith to pray for your friends, or just simply taking little steps to show love to the ones in front of you.

Jason Lee
High School Teacher
Gen 418, Hope Gold Coast