I moved to Brisbane about 11 months ago after finishing my studies in Canberra in July 2013. Initially my parents were against this idea, but after much prayer, my dad finally agreed but on one condition – I would have to support myself financially.

At that time, I was jobless, and Andrew (now my husband), was willing to support my living expenses. From September to late October, he was paying for all my bills with the stipend he had from his scholarship and part-time tutoring. In late October, we knew he would not be able to support me that much, but God provided me with a part-time tutoring job that paid quite well. It came at the right time; just when Andrew’s income dropped during the semester break. So it went on for about 3 months.

Being jobless for 6 months was worrying, and I started doubting my decision to come to Brisbane. I went through a tough season with God, constantly battling with 2 faces of thoughts – either keeping up faith and remaining in joy and hope, or being overwhelmed by depressing thoughts. And so I had my ups and downs, and this kept going until January 2014. I was at the verge of giving up, I prepared myself emotionally to pack my bags and return to Malaysia. It was very tempting but deep down I knew God had something for me here (besides getting married).

Miraculously, I got a full-time job, and again, it came at the right time. We could finally settle bills! Without the part-time job and this full-time job, I would not be able to support myself. Besides, I did not expect to be preparing for a wedding in a few months’ time, and obviously for that to happen, we need to save. To be honest, we initially thought of compromising the pledge for Unidus. But it was not right, and so by faith we pledged.

Now, looking back, Andrew and I were never in lack. Even though we did not have much, God always provided at the right time and the exact amount. I cannot explain how precise He is. Even just a few days ago, I did a quick budgeting and to my surprise, again it was a breakeven, nothing more, and nothing less. I proudly testify that God is GOOD not just because of His provision but knowing and believing that He is my shepherd and overseer of my soul. My life and all that I have belongs to Him.

Illy Ooi
Enrolment Officer
Uni-Generation QUT 4, St Lucia Afternoon Service