One and a half years ago, I had almost no idea about Christianity. It seemed to be something very far away from my life, as I was raised up in a country with limited freedom in religion. Until one day, a friend came into my life and brought me to Hope Church. After my first visit, I accepted Christ without any hesitation. Who would ever imagine that this decision would change my life and make me come alive spiritually therefrom? I remember clearly that my friend asked me what motivated me to make the decision. I told her, “I do not know, maybe it was because of those worship songs which touched my heart so deeply that I desired to approach the only God in the world.”

Afterwards, however, I did not go to church and attend lifegroup regularly, as I doubted whether there really was a God existing. This wrong perception lasted a whole semester until some miracles happened in my life.

As a new comer in Australia, I did not have any time to adapt to the new environment. The academic pressure and the language barrier gave me a hard time in my studies. The overwhelming amount of assignments with unbearably low scores drove me into desperation and pushed me to spend more time in preparing for final exams. At one point, I asked God, “Please show me if You really exist.” During that despairing period, brothers and sisters in lifegroup prayed for me and encouraged me continuously. By God’s grace and mercy, I passed all the courses that semester and even received distinction for two of them. Without God’s grace, it would have been impossible for me to get such satisfying results when I performed so poorly in my assignments.

Another unforgettable moment was during this year’s Oceania Convention. Every time when the worship team started singing, my eyes would stream with tears and become swollen for three days. I knew that it was not the same as the first time when I heard and was touched by those songs. It was because God really touched me and He really loves me.
Ever since then, whenever I am in trouble or feel lost in life, I would pray and ask God to give me guidance and assistance to get through those tough times. I know that God is with us all the time.

When you need Him, just pray and ask persistently. Sooner or later, He will give you His precious grace and blessing. After all, everything is in His control!

Shannon Liu
Hotel Management Graduate
Uni-Generation UQ 7, St Lucia Afternoon Service