I have an encouraging message for you and your loved ones, God’s unmerited favour is upon you.

I think it was 2008, when my friend, whom we will call her Mary to protect her identity, came to sit next to me at church. As I saw her, I felt Jesus asked me to give her my jacket. Now friends, my tailor-made white leather jacket was one of the best, so I tried to ignore the prompting of the Holy Spirit until I was 110% certain. So I gave it to Mary eventually. The following night, Mary rang and told me that the night before the church service, she was on a blind date and got drugged and date-raped. I was stunned. Yet after we were done on the phone, I felt God’s strong presence and He spoke to me, “Daughter, I want you to give her your white leather jacket because she felt naked and dirty before Me. But in My eyes, she is as white as snow although she does not know that yet.” I wept and once again was in awe of His amazing grace.

I don’t know how your walk with The Lord is, but I want to encourage you that as you have invited Jesus into your heart, He sees you as a final product because He is able. He sees you as holy and righteous, a priest, a holy nation and a light unto this world (1 Peter 2:9, Matthew 5:14).

As you choose to believe in your new identity and continue to trust Him to transform you, you will see His mighty hand move the mountains that you cannot move by yourself.

As you look at your troubled teenager, do you dare to say “my son is a rebel”? Beloved, please don’t. It is the same as saying God is finished with your son, yourself, your marriage, your finances, your health or whatever mountain you are facing. Beloved, remind yourself with the scripture that you are God’s workmanship (Ephesians 2:10). Everything around you, as well as yourself, are not yet a finished work, so trust Him and stop labelling them with wrong identity. Though you may sometimes feel condemned due to addictions or circumstances, take your Christ-given identity even in the midst of your failures and say aloud: “I am the apple of God’s eye, His prized possession. I am righteous and blameless, because Jesus’ blood on the cross has redeemed me.” (Zechariah 2:8, Psalm 17:8, Romans 8:1)

I pray that this will encourage you, and it is never too late to believe in your new identity. They will surely come to pass.

Sandra Lai
Business Owner

Elevate S2, St Lucia Morning Service