If you are new in your faith or you are new to our church and wish to make progress in your journey with God, we would like to recommend a number of steps below.

Water Baptism

This is a specific command of Jesus to all believers to be water baptised. In fact, water baptism is such an essential ceremony of identification in the Early Church that all were told to “repent and be baptised”. Repentance is an inner heart commitment resulting in a change of heart orientation towards God, trusting Jesus for salvation. Water baptism by immersion, is the flip side of the coin. Where it is a public declaration. A declaration of identification with Jesus by going under the water and rising out of the water to symbolise dying and resurrecting with Him.

If you wish to go through the waters of baptism, please speak to any of our pastoral leaders.

Holy Spirit Baptism

It was the common experience of all believers in the Early Church to be empowered by the Spirit of God through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is distinct from the receiving of the Holy Spirit to indwell during conversion. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is normally accompanied by the ability to speak in new tongues as the Spirit of God enables us. This experience is intended by God to bring us into a new phase of intimacy with God and supernatural enablement by God to live the Spirit-filled Christian life.

If you wish to experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit, please speak to any of our pastoral leaders.

Life Group

Life groups are our small groups that meet regularly with the purpose of doing life together, God’s way. Many attendees find such groups to be the most valuable part of their experience of the Christian community. It is in such groups that many find support, encouragement and friends.

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Church Membership

The Bible teaches on the importance of committing to be a part of a local church. To be a part of the community, to do life together. To serve and support one another. To be part of God’s vision for this church. This commitment is best expressed in taking up membership in our church. This commitment is expressed both ways. From the individual to the church and the church to the individual. For that reason we have membership class that expresses our criteria and expectations as well as the responsibilities of the member to the church and the church to the member.

If you are interested to be a member of Hope Church, please sign up for the Join The Vision class or speak to one of our pastoral leaders.

Christian Development School

To aid every attendee in their spiritual growth and to equip in service, we have designed the CDS classes to provide key learning areas. It covers key areas in biblical knowledge, in Christian living and equip in various ministry areas. These classes occur at various times throughout the year in a variety of formats.


Every Christ-follower is called by God to serve in His House and to serve the community. For just as we are being blessed by God, so too should we be a blessing in return to others. Studies have also found that serving is a critical ingredient that helps many Christ-followers grow in spiritual maturity. There are many opportunities to serve in Hope Church, both within and beyond.