Love that Restores

At church conference last year, God laid in my heart the burden to see His love extend beyond the walls of the church and the comforts of the fun and lovable churchgoers, to the world outside, where people are broken and hungry to know love. Over the months, God...

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Reaching Your Full Potential in God

Sometimes I’m really amazed of how God is able to use me and stretch me to my full potential which I don’t see and believe that I can achieve it. As a Finance Manager, the month of July is always a super busy month. I thought as years go by it should get easier, as...

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God’s Power Manifested Through the Sharing of the Gospel

This is a personal account of my experience in ushering God’s power into the lives of others through the gospel. During the first half of this year, I was living with a Vietnamese family. Given the cultural differences and language barrier, it was difficult to...

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