Prior to joining the family of UQ6, I have never been in a small support group throughout my Christian life before. I lived the life of an isolated Christian, believing that a relationship with Christ was enough to sustain me, but I was wrong. On 4th May 2013, God took away the greatest woman in my life – my grandaunt. She never got married, but devoted her life in raising up my dad’s and my generations. I grew up with her; in fact, I never knew who my actual parents were till I turned seven, because all along I had accepted the fact that she was my mum. To me, she was the epitome of selflessness and love.

She fell into a coma after a bad fall, so I decided to book my flight ticket and make the long journey home from Brisbane to Singapore in the middle of a semester. I was afraid of losing my grandaunt even before having the chance to say my last goodbye. In helpless times like this, the only thing I could do was to pray for God to sustain her until I returned, and God was faithful because I made it in time to say my last goodbye. In about 20 minutes later by her bedside, we started noticing her breath patterns slowing down, and it eventually came to a halt.

In the following month, there was not a single night that passed without tears. In my grief, I asked God, “Where, just where can I find such love again? Is there even anyone out there who is able to replace the void my grandaunt has left?” God’s response was, “Yes, I can. I can replace the void in your heart.” To thank Him for His faithfulness and kindness that He showed towards me during my ordeal, I asked God how I can love Him back. He said, “You love me back by loving my people.” I said, “OK, so where do I start?” His reply was simply, “In lifegroup.”

That is why I am here today, sitting in the midst of you guys, being a part of this family while learning how to love because He first loved me. To end off, I just want to say that God always allows a major test before a major blessing. My grandaunt’s death was my major test but my family of UQ6 became that major blessing.

Terence Lim
Bachelor of Arts 
Uni-Generation UQ 6, St Lucia Afternoon Service