My husband Navin and I recently wed in April this year. Prior to marriage, we had discussed that we were both keen to start a family, but we would give ourselves some time to adjust to married life, by enjoying our new life together and giving ourselves an opportunity to create a better financial position.

Soon after our wedding, we came to the conclusion together that this was not the right mindset. As a result, we committed to God in prayer our desire to have a family and acknowledged Him as our ultimate Provider. Trusting in Him and His timing, we handed our plans and cares into His hands.

About a month and a bit later, I had a suspicion that things were running a little late in my world, and I began pondering about whether I was pregnant. That weekend, I sensed in my spirit that someone might have something to share with us about this. That Sunday at church, Belle approached me and Navin to share with us that she had a vision whilst worshipping, that she saw me heavily pregnant! My heart jumped inside of me with wonder and delight! I thought my ponderings were perhaps based on my over-analytical mind and suspicions, and maybe I was being a little fanciful. The following day after a quick test, Belle’s word was confirmed.

Several weeks later while on a church camp, Navin and I were praying over the baby and asking God to give us the grace to be good parents. Again, God showed us that He is with us through someone whom I had never met and who did not know me. She gave me a word that she saw me heavily pregnant and that God’s angels were around me, ministering to me.
I have been absolutely blown away that God would speak to me so specifically and personally – that the Holy Spirit present in me gently spoke to my heart, followed by God’s word through Belle. As we let go of our agenda and put our trust in the Lord, He has not just left us there but has been continually speaking His blessing over us and our future.

We have been committing to God for His provision as to how we will get everything that we need for our little one, along with our future finances as I take maternity leave from work. God’s hand of grace can be seen moving over our lives. We have been blessed with some amazing bargains, and have been given some baby items out of the blue that were exactly what we needed. God’s goodness and provision is just the best!

As we hand all our cares to Him, He works everything for our good. This season has taken me to new places of understanding and trust. As I let go of my way of doing things, my timings and understandings, it has made me free and available for God to work in and through me.

Elizabeth (Libbee) Patel
Administration Assistant
Working Life Group, Gold Coast Service