We invite you to serve at our Willawong Centre

Christian Development School

Christian Development School (CDS) is practically a bible school right at our doorstep! CDS seeks to develop Bible-based and Christ-centered disciples by establishing and equipping Christians in the faith through biblical and relevant teaching in the wide variety of courses offered. Volunteers in this ministry provide the practical support for the administrative and logistical tasks necessary to run a small scale bible school.

Building Unidus (Fundraising)

This team of volunteers are responsible for our fundraising effort as we build Unidus Community Centre. They inspire hearts to capture God’s vision and the value of the mission beyond the building. This team of volunteers encourage the church through various means to dig deep with faithful and faith-filled hearts, because we desire to be a church with a big hearts of generous, joyful givers!

Door Keepers (Unidus Gardening)

We are a godly focussed team who generously give our time and energy every 2nd Saturday to provide year round care and maintainence of Unidus’s landscape and ground. We enjoy getting our hands dirty while sharing fellowship, cleaning and claiming the land for God and for our church which we love! 

Kids for Christ (KFC)

Our vision is to build strong biblical children who will grow up to be of godly character, responsible adults in God’s Kingdom and the community. KFC teachers and assistants help minister God’s love and words of life into our children’s lives. We are building the leaders of the next generation.

Program Managing

Our vision is to see vibrant, faith-filled, relevant and life-changing church services every weekend in Hope Church Brisbane. This team provides oversight and coordination for the planning and operational aspects of our church services. 

Floor Managing

Floor managers oversee different aspects of service operations before and after service, in order to facilitate effective coordination with the service operations teams (e.g. ushering, logistics, security etc.). They ensure good presentation and first impressions of the service environment as well.

Intercessory Prayer

Prayers are indispensable in God’s church. When we pray, it moves the heart of God. The impossible is made possible! A church steeped in prayer is a powerful and victorious church. Come and encounter the Lord by interceding before Him. This ministry seeks to support the church in prayers and help members develop both their heart and skills for as an intercessor.


This ministry aims to provide logistical support to the services. Our services would not happen without this team diligently supporting us behind the scenes. A great ministry to grow in servant leadership and organisation skills as it provides systematic and practical support to the church. 


The security team aims to provide rapid and effective detection, assessment, communication and response to all conditions affecting the safety and security at our services. This ministry helps to provide a safe, secure and harmonious environment for church ministers, members, visitors and the facilities.

Welcome Team

Our vision is to facilitate a warm and vibrant church service atmosphere by showing hospitality to every guest who comes to our services. We connect people to people, people to places and people to God! Join our team and foster a spirit of excellence while you nurture a servant-hood heart.

Public Relations

Public relations is about creating a positive perception of our church in the community. We welcome new visitors and make them feel at home. We identify our visitors’ needs, connect visitors with relevant members and make sure they are looked after.

Book Cafe

Unidus Book Cafe exists to provide a place for people to meet, have a drink, cheer each other and have reading access to resources for spiritual and personal growth. Café volunteers can bring forth God’s presence and warm greetings, making everyone feel welcome. We offer coffee, tea, breakfast, cold drinks and friendship. While the book volunteers are able to recommend good Christian resources to those looking for books to grow deeper in their walk with God and help equip His people to mature in Christ. 

Event Management

The vision of the Event Management ministry is to empower and equip a team to organize life-changing, professional, relevant and influential events with a spirit of excellence and the heart of servant-hood. This is an opportunity to serve God through planning and organizing of events in which God can minister to many lives in the church and the community. 


Worship is the highest form of artistic expression which we can offer to our Creator! Worship is what we were created for, and also the final end of all existence; we will worship for eternity. The worship ministry is here to serve the church by providing worship leadership, music & songs that draw people closer to God and usher God’s presence into His House. This ministry is purposed to empower every believer in Christ to glorify God, and designed to equip every worship minister to humbly serve Him and the church with a spirit of excellence. As a worship ministry, it is our heart’s desire to glorify God with our lives and make His name known to the ends of the earth.

Audio, Video & Lighting

The ministry exists to support the church in fulfilling the great commission by using relevant tools of technology and creativity, through which the truth of God’s Word and the life changing message of the Gospel can be presented in a clear, engaging, and God glorifying way.

Creative Presentation

The media has evolved as a tool that has the potential to powerfully shape minds. To impact this generation for Christ, the Church must utilise media. Our vision is to use all forms of digital media, photography, animation and film to do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission.  This team provides opportunities for members to develop their skills and play a role in media production for both church wide and service based events. Join us as we inspire multitudes through partnering with God.

Performing Arts

God has placed artistic potential within those whom He has gifted as artists in His house. He fills them with His Spirit, skills, abilities and knowledge to excel in artistic means to bring glory to His name, and to communicate His heart in ways that words cannot express. Our vision is to see every artist shine to make His glorious name known through the creative power of dance and drama.  

Hands of Hope

Hands of Hope is the community arm of Hope Church Brisbane. We aim to bring hope in practical ways to help build stronger and more sustainable communities. We desire to help families lead successful and holistic lives, and to help young people be responsible citizens who contribute to their society. 

In addition to our annual signature Christmas 4 Kids event, Hands of Hope is currently at a grassroots planning stage for various ongoing programs that will run throughout the year. Some volunteer initiatives under discussion include school breakfast clubs, school mentoring programs, soccer clubs, visits to aged care homes, response relief and the like. 

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