I came to Brisbane 3 years ago to further my studies in UQ. I was not a Christian back then, but I was questioning the purpose of my life. My sister and friends invited me to lifegroup and Hope Church, and I soon accepted Christ. My journey with God since then has not been a stroll in the park, but it was amazing to see how God worked things out in my life.

I was very academically inclined and used to take pride in the achievements of my studies. Failure was never in my dictionary and I used to look down on people who failed their exams. At the end of 2011, God decided to break down this pride in me and I failed my favourite course during my end of semester exams. I vividly remember crying over the phone to inform my parents that I had failed my exam, and I could not join them for a vacation to Sydney as I had to retake my paper. However, I thank God for not just helping me to pass my retake paper, but also teaching me to be humble, to discover and define the word ‘failure’ in my life.

As I entered 2012, God decided to intervene in another area of my life that was not right before Him. Although not quite willing to, I had to end my long term relationship of 5 years with someone whom I had known for more than 10 years. As I had been very secure in this area of my life, the betrayal I felt was so painful that I lost all hope. I almost wanted to quit my studies as I could not focus. However, even when circumstances were unfavourable and I had no faith, God remained faithful and He helped me pass all my exams. I thank God for friends and family who were supportive. They were there for me throughout this period of rediscovering faith. I learnt that God wants me to put Him above all else and nothing is secure in this world except for God.

2013 was the final year of my study and I thank God for good clinical placements. Praise God that I was able to graduate! I also thank God for the opportunity to see my uncle one last time even when I had not planned to before his sudden death. This event brought my father back to church and eventually rebuilt his relationship with God. Many times, I did not understand the reasons why things happened a certain way, but I thank Him for His sovereign ways of working things and I am rest assured that God knows why.

Throughout my walk with God thus far, there were many uncertainties and despair. However, it was at the very bottom of my valley times that I realise God is still loving and faithful. I once saw my hope crumbled into ruins, but He revived the ruins not in the form of worldly hope, but hope in Him.

Isaiah 55:9, “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Wei June Lee
UQ Dental Graduate
Uni-Generation UQ 8, St Lucia Afternoon Service