When I was about to finish high school back in Malaysia, I was struggling with choosing the path for my studies. I had never planned to study abroad; I never had big dreams. All I wanted at that point in time was to stay where I was and to study in my hometown, Penang. I opted for local pre-universities and matriculations, which I thought could keep me in my comfort zone.

At that time, a pastor came to my church and preached about tithes and offerings. Even though I was not working at that time, I chose to dedicate 10% of my allowance as a response to God’s calling. It was not easy at first, but ever since I chose to obey, God has been blessing me abundantly.

Soon after I received my results for the Certificate of Education Malaysia, I received a full scholarship from the Malaysian government, sponsoring the pre-university program of my choice, without the need for any interview. From A-levels to matriculations, I was spoilt for choice, but I was left in a dilemma. After weeks of prayer, the Lord prompted me to take up A-levels, which required me to leave my comfort zone and to live in Kuala Lumpur, a place which I was completely unfamiliar with. I obeyed by faith and was amazed by God’s immense love and provision.

Throughout my college years, the Lord continued to bless me with good grades and was my source of comfort whenever I felt homesick. I have learnt numerous lessons which I would not have learnt if back then, I refused to step out of my comfort zone. Sometimes we just need a step of faith in order for God to show his greatness and abundance in our lives.

By God’s grace, I completed my A-levels and was blessed with another full scholarship plus monthly allowance to come over to study in the University of Queensland (UQ). It was a stressful period deciding whether or not to grab the opportunity. In all honesty, I a “Mummy’s girl” and I did not want to be so far away from home. It took another leap of faith to trust in the Lord.

The Lord continued to guide me throughout my journey with Him by bringing me to this church filled with loving people, giving me the peace in my heart and providing for all my needs. Now I have a home away from home. Indeed, the Lord’s promise never fails.

Philippians 4:19 “God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

Brothers and sisters, do you trust in the Lord’s provision?

Danielle Luah
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Uni-Generation UQ 10, St Lucia Afternoon Service