I grew up believing in God but as I got older I eventually stopped praying and stopped believing in God entirely. In the early years of high school things in my life were great but on the inside I wasn’t. I had a great bunch of friends but I often felt very lonely. I was very angry with myself, I cared a great deal about trying to impress people and I just felt like I had no purpose in life. During that time I went to a couple church services and youth events. My main reason for going was that there was a skate park at the church and midway through each service I would leave and go skateboarding with some friends.

One time I stayed for the time of praise and worship but had a very judgemental mindset and found myself criticising the people and the music. I couldn’t really understand why people were outwardly expressing themselves, lifting their hands in worship and jumping to the high energy praise songs. Thankfully God had something planned for me that would shift my perspective and change my life entirely.

I first came to Ablaze in 2009 as a year 9 student, invited by a couple friends of mine. The service kicked off with praise and worship and I was expecting to have the same experience as the last time I attended a church service but things were different. I felt something real throughout the entire worship set and all the bad emotions I had inside of me were replaced with a peaceful feeling. The first praise song of the night really resonated with me and I went home to my computer to try find what the song was called but couldn’t find it. I came back the following few weeks to Ablaze and each time I experienced more of God’s presence and learned more about God and how He wants a personal relationship with every one of us. I also eventually found the name of the song I was searching for which was “You Deserve” by Hillsong.

I made the decision to accept Christ into my life and since then I am no longer filled with the negative emotions I used to have. I feel a real sense of purpose in all areas of my life with one of the biggest areas being serving on the worship team. From having such a negative view on worship to eventually finding real purpose and connection with God in that ministry it amazes me how God can bring about life transformation and initiate a personal relationship with His creation. The song “You Deserve” is a constant reminder to me of this and the change God has made in my life.

Darren Scott
Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment
Powerhouse, Ablaze Service