It is incredible to celebrate our 25th anniversary as a church. Looking back over the 25 years it is clearly the hand of God that has brought us to where we are today. We have journeyed through a lot as a church, growing from a mustard seed to a tree strong enough to branch out into significant work in the community and into the nations.

At every key step in our church history that propelled us forward, someone made a significant decision to step up for Jesus. That opened the doors for greater things. Such faith, such sacrifice will be greatly rewarded.

I would like to appreciate all our members, past and present, who have made this journey worthwhile. Your faith, your lives, your contributions have made this church what it is today. You have left an indelible mark on this church and on our lives. Growing this church has truly been a growing of our lives too, for the better.

A big thanks to the events team for organising the celebration. Also to the worship and dance ministries and all our volunteers in the background ministries who have made that day possible.

We have far more to look forward to, together. Let’s continue to audaciously press on forward by the grace of God. That the next 25 years will be greater than the last 25 years. Let’s continue to grow in our passion for winning souls, making disciples and building churches. That we might be relentless in our pursuit of reaching the lost. Unwavering in multiplying disciples of Christ. Uncompromising in building biblical churches.

With thankful hearts,
Wilson & Lai Ling