On 25th August, up to 15 shops have reportedly been destroyed after a blaze tore through the Inala Civic Centre in the early morning. Many individuals and families were facing hardship due to losing their jobs from the fire incident.

As the community-arm of Hope Church, Hands of Hope organised a once-off donation drive through Willawong service centre and St. Lucia Morning service. We were amazed by the generosity of the church congregation. Just over the weekend, we have successfully collected an estimated amount of $800 and food hampers. We partnered with the local council to give out the food vouchers and hampers to the families who are in need.

Cr. Charles Strunk, the Councillor of Forest Lake Ward expressed his gratitude towards the kindness and generosity showed through Hands of Hope donation drive to the affected families.

“I thank the team at Hands of Hope for donating so many hampers and vouchers and the joy their kindness has brought.” – Cr. Charles Strunk, the Councillor of Forest Lake Ward.

Thank you so much to those who gave and donated. Lives are being impacted because you chose to care.