This is it! Unidus & Beyond fund-raising campaign has reached its conclusion. As of 16th November, we have raised $318,296. If there are any other last bits of contributions to be done, please do it very soon.

I want to take this opportunity to thank every person who has committed to giving generously towards this campaign. It is the culmination of incredible generosity by so many people over the last 16 years. I have had many comments by other pastors commending us on the amazing task we have undertaken to build and pay off this building. And it is all because of you; your faith, perseverance, and generosity have made it possible. You have sown into God’s purposes for our church, and it is seeding into the future of this church.

Of the amounts raised, 10% goes towards missions, and 10% goes towards community services. These help to fund the costs of staffing, expenses and giving specifically in those key areas of outreach. This is the part which is “Beyond” as Unidus was never just about our building facilities alone. Unidus is to be the hub from which “Beyond” happens. This is in line with the calling of our church to be like an Antioch church; one that equips and sends forth.

The rest goes towards paying off our loan debt. We will announce the final status of the debt this Sunday. Any remainder goes towards helping improve the Unidus facility. This is a significant area as there are significant needs for the facility such as car parking.

Thank you again for standing with us through the campaign.

With deep appreciation,
Wilson Lim