It has been truly joyous that we had 18 short term mission teams in 2018. Teams went locally to Gatton, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba; and further to Hobart, Manila, Jakarta, Europe and Auckland.

Every team returned with a wealth of God-encounters and joy of what God did in and through their lives. The seeds of God’s love and the Gospel were deposited, churches were strengthened, the body of Christ was built up and the Kingdom of God is extended.

Here are highlights from some of the teams:

QUT1 Mission Trip to Toowoomba
“One of the significant highlights was during the Campus Prayer Walk, when God revealed the many blessings we had in Brisbane. Throughout the mission trip, we grew closer as a unit and learnt more about one another.”

QUT3 Mission Trip to Sunshine Coast
“Despite fears of rejection, we gathered our courage to approach individuals. One of the families we approached was so blessed by our gesture that they texted us to tell us how timely it was for us to reach out to them. The husband was complaining to his wife how lonely they felt before we spoke to them, but they felt the warmth and love after speaking to us.”

QUT5 Mission Trip to Gold Coast
“The most significant part of this trip was our encounters while evangelising. We had two outreaching sessions with two different types of demographics which challenged each of us. We were initially struggling to approach and share with people at the family park and at Surfers Paradise. However, with a step of faith, we were slowly encouraged by each other’s faith when we were outreaching, which led us to more interactions and sharing with others.

ABLAZE Mission Trip to AFJC Manila

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