Back in 2017, Dylan and I started looking at purchasing a house. Our eldest daughter was 2-years old then and we wanted to buy a house within a good school catchment so that she could get a good education. Houses in good school catchments are, however, very expensive. Week after week, we would go for house inspections and have long stressful conversations about the ‘right’ house and suburb to buy into. We submitted offers for a few houses but were never successful, which added a lot of disappointment to the process. There were sleepless nights and lots of prayer asking God for direction. We also made many phone calls to different schools to inquire about out of catchment options but most schools do not take out-of-catchment requests. And although there was a very good school just 3-minutes drive from home, we were, however, just one street ‘out-of-catchment’ and chances of getting into the school was extremely slim – as per our phone conversation with the school staff.

When 2020 came, we were getting anxious because our daughter will be starting prep in 2021 and we still have not gotten a house. In addition to that, both our work was affected as I was on maternity leave after giving birth to our second daughter, and Dylan’s work was affected by Covid-19. This made it financially hard for us to purchase a property or move to a new house with a baby. The best outcome for us would be that our daughter gets accepted into a good school near our home. However, the school administration has told us that they have not been accepting out-of-catchment students for the past 2 years. We prayed in desperation to God and applied for the school. Yet despite the stress, God had always been gracious to our household. By working less, we were able to spend more time as a family, getting to know sides of our eldest daughter that we have never seen before, and spending precious time watching our newborn daughter grow. Despite the reduction in income, we were never in lack, and always had a peace that God will look after us. True enough, I had never once stopped receiving an income while I was on leave, but instead got a pay rise albeit my absence from work since December 2019.

Then one afternoon, Dylan said he received a missed call from the good school near our home. Our hearts were racing as we called them back. When they told us that our daughter was accepted in the school, we literally jumped for joy and threw our arms praising God! (well I did most of the jumping). I went to the orientation recently and the teachers are so passionate and professional. The values shared and the availability of a chaplain and other supports are absolutely amazing. God has answered our prayers and more! I just can’t stop thanking God for all that He has done. Lastly, I just want to encourage us to make our desires known to God through prayer and worship and continue to trust in Him because He is trustworthy and dependable. If imperfect parents such as Dylan and myself know how to desire the best for our children, what more would our perfect Heavenly Father, who loves us infinitely more.

Proverbs 16:9, “In their hearts, humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”

Leah and Dylan
ES Family Central, Hope Church St Lucia