My testimony is about my recent journey of finding employment. My previous job contract ceased in early May, while my graduate visa remained valid for about 10 months. This meant that I would either have to get a new job, or leave Australia. While I felt that God did not want me to leave yet, my financial reserves would not allow me to stay for long. Thus I decided on an amount such that if I was still not employed by the time my bank account came to that amount, I would leave Brisbane. I did that because it gave me an indication of when I needed to start making plans to leave Brisbane.

Realistically, it would be difficult to find a job within such a short timeframe as I was running on low financial reserves. However, by faith, I believed that God would provide for me if He has not done having me here.

To be honest, it was really scary. I was unsure whether I should be exploring job options in Hong Kong too. I remembered that there were times when I was so desperate and confused. I often questioned God: “Are you sure that I should keep staying instead of leaving?” I was so exhausted and cried even on two occasions. Nevertheless, on both these occasions, I received a call from the same company as I was crying to offer me interview opportunities. These calls affirmed me that God was working in his timing, and encouraged me to keep persevering.

After multiple interviews, the company decided to offer me a full-time position because they realised that my current visa was only valid for less than 9 months. I was so thankful because it was what I had hoped for.

Through it all, I had a strong sensing of God’s presence during this season of job hunting. During this time, I chose to serve him and not neglect him. I learned to be humble and surrender my struggles to him.
I hope that this small episode encourages you that our God is a personal God who provides, and we just have to trust him.

Proverb 3:5-6, “Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Bruno Cheung
Software Engineer
Uni-Generation UQ 6, Hope Church St Lucia