by Aven Yap (Ablaze Powerhouse)

We arrived at our beach-side campsite nestled in the Sunshine Coast on a perfect day. This year’s theme was Wildfire. After preparing their hearts for many months and witnessing prophecies on what God had in store for this Ablaze Camp, we were eager to have our hearts set ablaze. Around 60 of us high schoolers, uni students, and young adults gathered for a weekend to seek God, fellowship, and have fun. We were separated into tribes for games which the game masters mercilessly took no time getting us bonding together through high-stake challenges and mutual misery. \

Many young people rose up and demonstrated new maturity in their walks with Christ. Long-time Ablazer and first-time preacher Rashaun Hoh gave a fiery sermon on setting our hearts alight for God; Lisa Leung shared her personal #lifehacks on how to sustain a fire for Christ; Li Tan and Darren Scott led a leg-muscle-burning workout examining Bible characters who were tight with the Lord; and Adam, Josie, Shaun, and Tiffany shared about how we can spread God’s love to others.

Despite our tiredness from late nights writing encouragement notes for each other, we wanted more of God. During our final morning session, we prayed for people to be baptised in the Holy Spirit and one of our intercessors saw angels among us. God was truly present and moving. We saw four re-dedications to Christ, prophesies over our church, and even after camp Ablaze is still witnessing miracles and healing!

The Ablaze family are and wants to thank you so much for your prayers and ongoing support in the youth ministry.