On the 22nd September 2013, we celebrated our 20th Anniversary at our Willawong Centre held at Unidus Community Centre. There were much to be proud of in our short history, not least our still very recent transition to our own facility. Our WAM production team and event organisers turned it up a notch this year being able to utilise more time for rehearsal preparation. Our younger musicians joined in with a great blend of the classical instruments with a modern touch on current worship songs. Combined with our choir and great worship team, everyone in the congregation were able to appreciate how far we’ve come in our short transition to a purpose built auditorium with modern audiovisual demands. In turn, the audiovisual production team exercised great awareness of amplifying the stage production constructively that allows from young to old to appreciate what our stage and worship ministers were communicating.

For the first time we had a pre-service show with wildly (in a good way) active hosts, engaging the early arrivals to a taste of what Hope Church is all about – community. We seek to foster community across all different cultures that unifies all to the body of Christ. Our senior pastor, Wilson Lim preached beyond what has been achieved to what we should strive for in the future. Check out a snippet of the day below!