As we celebrate Father’s Day all over Australia, may we be thankful to God for providing us with our respective dads. Fathers are important in God’s sight. When all dads function in their God-given roles, it will lead to building strong families in society.

Firstly, fathers bestow upon their children the blessing of belonging (Gen 27:25-27a). A father demonstrates a sense of belonging and acceptance to his children via meaningful and appropriate touch. This sincere and warmth gesture gives security and fills up the emotional tank of the child as it shows that one is a delight to one’s father. Fathers can also demonstrate that sense of belonging by including their children in family discussions; thus giving them that sense of ownership and value in their families.

Secondly, fathers provide the blessing of affirmation as they convey positive messages of confidence, affection and love to their offspring (Gen 27:27). Let us be quick to encourage and build up and slower in criticism. Words that still overflow with encouragement even if they did not quite “make the grade” but are still encouraged for their effort and resilience. Fathers that focussed more on the godly character and attitude of their children will go a long way in establishing them for life as it builds up their identity and significance of their personhood.

Lastly, fathers can also show how precious their children are to them by blessing them with quality time spent with them in connecting and seeking to know them and even help them in small projects of life/school. Children tend to remember such times spent with their fathers. It is what you would termed as blessings of connectedness (Gen 27:28).

May we continue to build into the lives of our children no matter what age they may be at. Let’s be faithful to what God has blessed us with! Have a Blessed Father’s Day!!