As I have travelled around the world and interacted with many church leaders, I can confidently say that a very small percentage of churches have a mentoring system. I am proud to say that despite the challenges and limitations we have in this area, our mentoring has helped many believers to grow in their faith and ministry.

Mentoring can be particularly helpful in the early years of our Christian faith as a means to encourage, nurture and guide us along a journey that may seem more trial and error than intentional. We have sought to bring an effective degree of intentionality and balance especially with our new Next Steps pathway. Mentors are a critical part of making this a success.

Mentors give so much of themselves to assist the younger believers. I have so many times seen how much they have developed deep friendships with their mentees. How they have poured out their hearts sacrificially. Even though they may face setbacks at times.

Thank you for your generosity, love and dedication to making disciples for Jesus Christ. As mentors, all that you have invested makes a difference to so many lives. Your rewards are great in heaven.

In deep appreciation,
Ps. Wilson Lim