As I sought the Lord, it became clearer and clearer to me that as a church, God wants us to move to the next level in His purposes. And to do so, we must resonate more of who He is. Specifically, we must become more audacious, just as God is audacious.

The audacity of God is best seen in His redemption plan. Where the Son of God humbled Himself in a mind-boggling plan to put aside divinity to become fully human. To suffer the indignity of a human life in a world that refuses to acknowledge Him. A world that despised Him so much that it crucified Him, one of the most horrible ways to die in that era. Yet the Son of God submitted Himself to all that out of compassion for this lost world. That He may redeem men back to Himself. An absolutely audacious plan. Of total sacrifice, at great cost, incredible suffering, for perhaps only a small proportion of men’s hearts.

The audaci​ty​ God is calling us to is a God-oriented audacity. An audacity based on God’s own audacity.  For God’s audacity is bounded within His character of love and holiness. It is tempered by wisdom and compassion. It is fired up by His unbounded creativity. It is focussed by His holy purposes. It is according to His principles. Once we understand that godly audaci​ousness is characterised by God’s character, we begin to understand how it looks like. Hence, the audaciousness we celebrate is not that of the world, but of God.

May I challenge each one of you to that journey of audaciousness before God. To take audacious steps forward in God. To grow in spiritual maturity. To walk across the room to touch the lost. To an uncapped generosity. To a simplicity of living. To step closer to God.

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Walking audaciously with you towards God,
Ps. Wilson Lim