Throughout my Christian life, I have never thought that I could be of any help to anyone in their spiritual journey because of my own limited capacity and knowledge. So at the beginning of my journey as a mentor, I found myself very anxious because I was not sure if I could do God’s work correctly. The more I observed different leaders or my mentor, the more I believed that I could not serve in such a capacity for God, especially, when I could not see the people under my care grow, I would start to feel discouraged.

I was in the midst of giving up after a few months of disciple-making last year, but God encouraged me through my unit leader, life group leader and my mentor with their encouraging words and prayer. They always reminded me that God does not look at my capability, but my willing heart to serve Him and His people. The most encouraging thing to me was that one of the girls that have been put under my care to guide and to grow since last year gradually opened up her heart to God and His words and also to me. She even cared for me by messaging me or speaking kind words, especially when I am not well.

Coincidentally, this girl was paired up with me during the Pay It Forward campaign in August this year. I was so touched by her courage and strength in approaching strangers as it was her first time to participate in this campaign. Now, our friendship had grown so much more than when it first started. Praise God for that!

Until now, I am still not entirely sure whether I can be God’s good vessel to do His works according to His will, but I believe that God would continue to guide and lead me the way He wants me to serve for His people as long as I am faithful and willing to work at it wholeheartedly. I should not be afraid and worried about what will happen because everything is under God’s control and nothing is impossible with God. In the end, He is the one who does all the work and opens people’s hearts. I am only a vessel who is powerfully used by Him with His mighty hands.

Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Nicole Chow
Registered Nurse
Elevate W1, Willawong Service