By Ricky Hui

In December 2017, ten of us went to Canberra to support Hope Canberra. We shared the gospel and prayed over the city.

The first day we arrived at Canberra we went to the student life group. It was great meeting such a nice and vibrant group of people.  Everyone in Canberra was so keen to share about what God has been doing in their lives. It was inspiring how God has brought them through their struggles and shaped their character.

After life group, we came back and prepared for our campus and city outreach. We finished wrapping up the bibles to be given out to people during outreach. When we gave out the bibles, some people were really joyful and appreciative of the gifts.

We also attended the family life groups. There are two family life groups at two different locations so half of us went to one and half of us went to the other. A lady in our life group was suffering through laryngitis, a throat condition that made it very difficult for her to speak to the point where she could not speak at all. We prayed for God to heal her and after prayer, she felt better and she was able to speak, really thank God for that healing.

We hosted the ‘life game’ for our Saturday event. Our faith goal was 40 people in total but we didn’t quite reach that goal. Initially, it was quite disappointing but upon reflection, a smaller amount of people is actually better because it is easier for us to connect to a smaller amount of visitors and our game would not have been effective with a large crowd. We gave out the blessing packs that contained some sweets, our testimonies, and the contact details of Canberra’s life group and Church. Overall, it was a great, joyful and meaningful event. Thank God for such good sunny weather.

We attended Hope Canberra’s church service. Brandon shared his testimony and Michelle shared our experiences during our short time in Canberra.

Overall, it was a good trip. We came with the intention of supporting Hope Canberra but in return, we were also very blessed by learning from them and capturing their passion for doing God’s work. We hear that some new visitors are attending life group and church as a result of our outreach so please continue to keep Canberra in prayer that more souls are saved and disciples made.