On 15th Oct weekend, we successfully launched our first church app. With a tongue in cheek video, we introduced the app to the world!

To date, we have had over 500 downloads. Can we try to get this app into every attendee’s hands? If one of your church mates missed it because they were climbing Mt. Everest last weekend, make sure to steer them towards the app stores.  Remember, this app is suitable for all ages.  Even for cows, cats and dogs.

Remember to take the app for a spin.  Need prayer?  Fill out the prayer request link.  Want to take some notes?  Use the special no frills note-taker.  Forgot your Bible?  Use the linked YouVersion Bible with multitudes of languages and translations.

Have you tried the online giving option yet? Give it a go. Test out with a small amount, if you wish. Check out how convenient it is.  Its fees are minimal at 0.6% + 0.30 AUD with debit or credit cards, in total. That’s right, it costs less to use than using your credit cards by itself!  We got a special rate!  Except for AMEX which we do not recommend its use (3.55% + 0.30 AUD).

Make sure you sign up first.  Then you will see the full benefits.

  • Want more security? Verification process ensures greater security with password & PIN.
  • Forgetful? Automatically keep a record of all your giving
  • In a rush? Faster giving, as no need to repeat your details.
  • Can automate your giving and change it anytime.

How to sign up?

  • Click the Give (heart-shaped) icon.
  • In the Generosity page, choose your congregation and click Give button.
  • In detailed Giving page, click the top right words Sign Up.
  • In the tithe.ly page, click on Create Account and fill details.

A verification email will be sent to you. Next time, just login and giving is simplified.

If you are already using direct transfers from your bank to give online, do feel free to continue doing so.  This offers you an alternative option.

We love to hear your feedback on this app.  We hope to bring more improvements soon.

Wilson Lim
Senior Pastor