This 90-day campaign to complete the book of Hebrews will help you connect with God on a daily basis. It will spur you on your journey of discovery with God and will draw you closer to Him. To opt in, you will be reading a portion of a chapter using the S.O.A.P method and specially designed materials.


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Hebrews Devotional

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The book of Hebrews was written by an unknown author to what seems to be a second-generation of predominantly Jewish believers most probably sometime before the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in AD 70. It seems that some of these believers have started to waver in the face of persecution and were tempted to revert to Judaism to avoid being persecuted for their faith. The author thus writes to warn his readers against returning to the inferior, superseded religion of Judaism, and to encourage them to persevere on in their faith in and faithfulness to Christ. He does this by painting, in a variety of ways, how Jesus is better than absolutely everything in the old covenant – thus accentuating the futility and folly of returning to these things as well as the need to hold fast to their faith in Christ.

Reading the book of Hebrews provides us with a greater insight, understanding, and appreciation of the significance of the high priesthood of Jesus, his sacrifice for sin, as well as the ways in which Jesus fulfils the Old Testament. It also encourages us to persevere on as followers of Christ, fixing our eyes on Jesus – the author and perfecter of our faith, and the anchor of our souls.

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