My name is Alexandra Lai. I am a mother of two. My husband and I decided that we will take turns to go on mission trips so that wherever and whenever the Lord calls us, we will be more prepared.

Last September, my husband and I decided that I should go on a mission trip to Ambassadors For Jesus Christ (AFJC) in Manila and it was one of the best decision that we had made.

Our team was given the opportunity to preach in prison,  the drug addict centre, the orphanage, and high school. We also fed the homeless by the dumpsites and those that live by the river. Their living condition is very poor, and they appreciated the help they received.

We saw God restored lives of the prisoners; some are born again, and we even have life groups in prison. We saw God restored drug addicts and they found their hope in Christ.

Even though I had very little expectations, God answered many of the questions that I had in the years that I walked with Him. He also gave me a willing heart to deny myself, pick up the cross and follow Him.

The mission trip left me feeling empowered, that even as a first world country citizen, a creature of comfort, He can change my heart to be willing to do anything for the Lord.

I am so grateful for AFJC, let us pray for them and support them financially too. Their work is tremendous, and they do need great support, and I believe this is the least we could do for them while we are still in the comfort of our own country.