By Peter and Ruth

Over the Christmas and New Year holiday period, my wife, Ruth and I had the joy of leading my father and stepmother to Christ. I would like to share a few strategies of reaching out to our family members.

Pray for an open door
God’s Word says, “Ask and it will be given to you” (Matt 7:7a). We need to ask God to give us opportunities to share the gospel to our family members. Ask God to create a time for the family to come together. God miraculously cancelled my father and stepmother’s return flight to Adelaide which allowed us to share the gospel with them.

Focus on responsive members
We cannot reach out to every family member at the same time. Some family members are not ready to accept Christ. Instead focus on the family members most responsive to the gospel. My father was very responsive to the gospel because his health is deteriorating and he knows his time is near. Family members who are facing challenges or crisis in their lives are more open to the gospel.

Acts of Kindness
Shower family members with acts of kindness and gifts when you see them. God’s Word says “Giving a gift can open doors” (Prov 18:16a). Our generosity and giving can make a huge impact to your family. Ruth and I lavished our family members with a very nice dinner and gave each person a Christmas gift. We wanted them to know that we appreciate and love them.

Last words
Don’t be discouraged when your family members are not ready or responsive to Christ. Keep sowing the seed of the gospel and show acts of kindness. God will draw our family members to Him at the proper time (Acts 16:31).