My life before I knew Jesus was not the best. I would say that it was the worst. In my younger years, I mixed with the wrong crowd and was influenced into making many poor decisions, which disappointed my parents very much. This was the reason my mum became a Christian, because she wanted God to take me back onto the right path. Back in Hong Kong, I would sometimes go to church with my mum, but I didn’t really get the true meaning of it.

After I became a committed Christian, I think everything in my life has changed. I stayed away from bad company, quit my 8 years of drinking and smoking after my water baptism – my life after coming to Christ.

About two months ago, I got into a very serious car accident in Brisbane. My left ear was totally deaf, head was bleeding and neck was really painful. I kept praying and praying before I was sent to the hospital, prayed that everyone and also my ear would be fine. Fortunately, all of the victims including my friends and I did not have any serious injury. All the cops, doctors, nurses and aid workers kept saying that we were very very lucky. My dad is not a believer, but he still asked me to thank God for His protection which made me very shocked. God really saved us from this terrible car accident. While waiting for the medical results at the hospital, my friend and I kept praying. I can’t remember how many times we’ve come together and prayed after the accident. God proved His existence to me. I really want to thank God that my ear and chest gradually got better after a month of the car accident, and now I’ve totally recovered.

I will be going back soon to Hong Kong for good. Before I go back, I really want to say thank you to everyone who’ve helped teach me and allowed me to get to know Jesus better. This church is like my home here. Let’s continue to pray that there will be more and more new people accepting Christ soon and serving in this church and I pray that God’s protection will always be with us.
Psalm 121:7-8 The Lord will keep you from all harm – he will watch over your life; the lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.