I remember after my first time going for Lifegroup, I doubted a lot why I even attended it. When I first came to Australia, I didn’t even know what a Lifegroup was at all! I went thinking it was just a gathering every Friday to chill, have fun and sometimes have good food when there is a potluck. I was so lost and shocked when we started praise and worship and then had a Bible discussion. I was thinking “Oh my goodness! It’s another Church event?! I’m not coming anymore”.

However, coincidentally, that week I broke up with my boyfriend at that time. After ending the call with him, I suddenly received a Whatsapp from a senior I met at Lifegroup. She sent me “How are you? Want to go out and have some desserts together?” I was so shocked because I did not tell anyone about my break up; not even my closest friends. I replied her “How do you know? I literally just broke up with my boyfriend.” She told me that she was doing her quiet time and heard God saying to her to ask me how I was. I found that very unbelievable yet powerful because I’ve only met her for less than 3 days and I didn’t actually talk to her. But she appeared at my weakest time. I felt like it was God who sent this angel to me. Because of that, I decided to go to Lifegroup again because I wanted to seek God. I wanted to know more about Him. I wanted to know how to hear from Him. It wasn’t a one-step achievement. Until now, I am still growing step by step. But I must say, in this one year I have grown and encountered God a lot more. I experienced a lot of blessings and testimonies. And more importantly, I have a closer relationship with Him.

During this journey, He has also made me more fearless and confident. I have a cross on my desk with a Bible verse on it. It’s from Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster. To give you a future and a hope” This verse has encouraged me a lot throughout the year, especially when I’m worrying about something or feeling lost. I know God has the best plans for me and I have nothing to be worried about. Sharing my personal experience with all of you is because I hope to encourage you to try seeking Him and to try experiencing Him. And I can’t wait for the day that you’ll be sharing your own experience with others as well. Because I think the strongest way to grow our faith is through personal experiences and hearing the testimonies shared by others.

Bernice Sin
Bachelor of Veterinary Science
Gaton Lifegroup, Hope Church Gatton