I grew up in a Buddhist family in Ipoh, Malaysia. It all started when I went to a Catholic school in my younger age and was exposed to Jesus Christ then. In the beginning, I recognised there was someone called Jesus that sacrificed his life for people and died on the cross. However, I chose to become a Buddhist due to a strong Buddhism tradition in my family. However, a day came when I had to leave my comfort zone and to pursue my studies in Brisbane. I met people who invited me to CCM life group and get a chance to know God again but during that time, I thought that religion is actually not important to me as long as I am staying as a good person and also to achieve something, I need to depend and work hard on myself, God could not help me at all. So I stopped joining life group for a period of time. Though, this did not last long as I finally encountered problems and started to lose directions in life.

I recalled someone who brought me to CCM life group before and I decided to contact her and asked whether can I join life group again just for me to calm my mind for a bit. Certainly, she replied yes and in that session I told her my problems. She prayed for me and encouraged me that I can actually pray to God too even though I am not a Christian because God loves everyone. I felt a lot better since that night and from that day onwards, I started to grow in my interest in knowing God more and decided to attend life group and church service frequently. In the meantime, I prayed to God and asked God to reveal himself to me and proved to me that his presence is real.
One day, problems came knocking on my door again and I could not find a solution to my problems. So I decided to ask God for help. I prayed to him for three times in total. Amazingly, God answered all my prayers! Not once, not twice, but thrice! God revealed himself to me and proved to me that he will save me from my sufferings and will always be there to look after me.

After some time, I started to think that I should accept Christ and follow Christ in my remaining life but accepting Christ is not an easy decision for me due to the strong Buddhism tradition in my family and I was expecting to inherit that in the first place. As I am struggling in making a life changing decision, I prayed to God once again and asked God to convince me that I should follow him for the rest of my life. Undoubtedly, the prayer got answered again! How would I not impressed? Therefore, I decided who I should follow, decided who I should praise and worship, and decided who I should surrender my life to… And that is God! Amen!

This is my story on how I came a long way to accepting Christ and I am glad that I made this decision. I found peace in my mind and became more focused in all the things I wanted to do. Thank you for saving me! Praise the Almighty Lord!


Sean Shum
Student at QUT
Uni Generation QUT3, Hope Church St Lucia