Although I have known Christianity for a while, I never believed in God as I found it hard to believe in things that cannot be proven scientifically. Moreover, I was always prideful and relied on my own strength in life when I encountered problems.

Last year, I got myself into a tough situation, where I needed to find someone to take over my two years lease at my previous stay. I was very confident when I first started looking for a potential tenant, but there were zero responses with the number of ads I had posted online over a period of time. I stressed out and felt hopelessness in life. As a result, I realized I could not do this on my own, so I prayed to God and asked for His help, yet I did it without faith that God is able to turn impossible to possible. After a while, a girl came to me and was interested to take over my lease. Seeing that the situation was going to be resolved soon, she faced some difficulties in life abruptly and could not take the room anymore. I felt hopeless again, so I turned to God and prayed that I would do anything in exchange, just for the lady to be able to take over my lease. Nevertheless, I challenged Him that if He is real, He would make it happen. Miracle happened – the lady contacted me five hours later saying that her problems had been resolved, so she could take over my lease. However, I still refused to believe in God despite the promises that I had made.

Two weeks later, an incident happened. She had to end the contract early and I was summoned to meet the apartment manager with accuse of breaching house rules. I was devastated, so I asked God, “if this is given to me by God, why does He take it away again? It would be better if He simply never answers my prayer.” I was expecting a penalty or warning from the manager, but unexpectedly, the manager offered to reduce my lease by one year.

For a few months, I could not honour this series of events to God and believe He is real. Looking back to it when I am out of this financial crisis, I am able to see how God has always been at work in my life and never forsaken me even when I disregard His presence as a lost sheep. Last year, I focused on how God has not provided me with a tenant when I needed one the most; but now, I am reminded of how God has answered all of my prayers and made my situation better than I could ever imagine. Most importantly, He taught me a lesson that if I am willing to open my heart to seek Him, He truly will respond.

Now that I have made the decision to accept Christ wholeheartedly into my life, I would like to thank God for His eternal love and for being the almighty God.

Angel Chu
Medical Laboratory Science
Uni-Generation QUT4, Hope Church St Lucia