I am from a Christian family. My parents are strict with Christian practices, so we hardly ever miss Church Services. However, I did not have a good impression of Christians as many of them did not abide by God’s words. So, I go to church out of habit and never really paid attention to the sermon.

After coming to Australia, I was invited to a life group during the QUT orientation week. I was attracted by free food and I enjoyed being amongst friendly people. However, the wrong impression of Christians was still bothering me. After attending life group for a while, I discovered many amazing things that they do, and I began to be very curious as to why they do the things that they do.
I started observing people in the church, especially when they were worshipping God. I kind of understood that we need to praise and worship Him because the bible told us to. So, I just sang along even when I did not particularly enjoy singing. However, God revealed the genuineness of people’s heart when they were praising and worshiping. They were having fun in the presence of God. I could not understand it initially. But as I listened to their testimonies, I found that they have personally experienced God’s love. Looking back, I have never had such a moment nor do I know how to get there.

During my last semester, I struggled with one of my university units. I was being sluggish throughout the semester and had been missing out on many classes. I realised that I did not understand the subject when I attempted the assignment. If I failed this unit, I would be required to repeat the semester and delay my graduation. On the day the assignment was due, I was not even halfway through it, and there was no one that I could ask for help. So, I prayed to God humbly, asking him if I could pass with only half of my assignment done.

I remembered that day, whenever I encountered something I did not know, I searched for the answers diligently. I was exceptionally calm the whole time trying to complete my assignment before the deadline. I have never experience that peace before! Eventually, I finished the assignment 2 hours before the deadline. I was so relieved and happy that I finally got to experience the goodness of God personally. Since then, I devoted myself to attending church and growing deeper in His words. I finally understood why people are so passionate about praising and worshipping His name because God is good. He totally deserves it! I hope that everyone can personally experience His love, so we can all enjoy our time with God.

Proverbs 21: 2, “A person may think their own ways are right, but the Lord weighs the heart”.

Master of Information Technology
Uni-Generation QUT 2, Hope Church St Lucia