Being the eldest child in my family, I have always followed my family’s religious views and traditions although I did not really know much about it. I was exposed to Christianity since secondary school, and knew a little about God, but I failed to encounter him or failed to see His goodness in my life. God knew I was running away from Him because of how little I really know him, so he opened a path for me to spend time knowing him, which is to further my education in UQ and being in a lifegroup! At that time, I could not help but to have doubts of Him, I was not ready accepted Him and disappointed of my family.

In July 2019, I was in an anxious waiting phase for the confirmation to work on a small research in a lab as one of my courses. I had no news even up till the day before the semester starts. Being in my last semester here, I could not afford to do anything that would result in deferring my graduation or spending more money on tuition fees due to my family’s finance. This was a period that it seemed like no one was able to help me and soothe my anxious heart. Thankfully, being in a subfamily – UQ10, has made me feel a little better as my brothers and sisters prayed for me many times during that season. It was not till the first day of the semester then the confirmation finally came in! That was not it! God also provided me to be in a lab full of friendly colleagues. These colleagues guided me throughout my time in the lab and also helped me out on my other courses’ assignments (even though they did not have to!). Truly, God really loves me and he wants the access to my heart. On 6 Oct 2019, the countless knocking to my heart has finally got me to open it for Him. I was ready to stop running away, but to chase God instead. Just 3 days after accepting Christ, I faced a huge challenge that hurt me so much till today. God listens to my worries and provided me with the security and love I have always needed. I am never facing issues alone now, because God is always here and He will provide as He loves me!

Matthew 11:28-30, “Come to me, all you who are wear and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Natalie Soh
Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Science Major
UniGen UQ10, Hope Church St Lucia