When I first became Christian many years ago, one of my first prayers was to see my family coming to know Christ. Those days it was hard to imagine especially someone like my dad would come to accept Christ. My dad was such a figure I used to be very fearful of, and between us, we hardly have any close conversations due to his work situations. I used to see him only one to two hours per week and most of the time, when I saw him he was either usually busy with his business or he was too tired. We never had a conversation longer than a minute! Without any close relationships, I have always wondered how my dad can accept Christ as I didn’t even have the courage to share! So, I thought it would be easier to share with my mum and my siblings first.

Isaiah 55:9 The heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Never did I know, a few years back I have the privilege to introduce Jesus to him and my dad became the first one in my family to accept Christ. During that time, I get to pray with him every time I made a trip home and witness of his baptism. My dad has now passed away. It is such an assurance in my heart that one day I will see him again in heaven. Though my mum and my siblings are still not yet believers, they have allowed my dad to have a Christian funeral, and I truly believe that during the funeral God’s word was preached, and the victory of Christ has been won for my family.

To date, my mum started to visit church irregularly, but she is not yet a believer, and my sister has become further away from Christ. Nevertheless, I continue to proclaim the victory of Christ over my families, I know as I pray, God is working and He is a faithful God.

The journey of seeing my dad coming to know Christ has not been easy; I thank God for His grace and mercy over my family.

Chen Chee Foo
Family 2b