I was always thankful for being born into a family blessed with the wisdom and teachings of Christianity for 2 generations. Everything in our lives was, is and always will be based on the word of God and what his promise of Good News has in store for every one of us. Ever since joining Lifegroup my journey as a Christian has taken quite the ride on this point. I continued to grow in age, wisdom and enlightenment that have let me understand the deeper and much more serious approach to what it truly means to LIVE life as a hard-line Christian and not be one merely by name. At the same time however, I began to doubt more and more frequently.

Growing up I had the questionable privilege of being able to witness the shameful poverty and despondency of my nation’s people under misguided leadership. For over 20 years the idea of what it means to have a hard life was drilled into me, becoming a core part of me. In this life however, nothing can ever prepare us for the inevitable, not even amongst the hardest hearts. In late 2018 as I was studying, I received news of the death of my closest Uncle whom I had prayed for endlessly in his battle for over 2 years against a terminal illness he was seemingly recovering from. Never before had I openly damned and questioned the existence of God, but at this moment I did. My faith wavered, and I was, quite literally a lost sheep having to go through the heartache and searing loss my family endured, and I could not even be there to console them. His untimely departure was something I desperately hoped I would never hear so soon and suddenly.

As you know, in life we will often question God why immorality and sin prevail in our world, many times without a direct answer. Samson however did once say “Out of the strong came forth sweetness,” and that is the nature of God’s Plan in your life and mine. Following my Uncle’s death, our family became much closer over the past 6 months as we set aside any petty differences and became more acquainted with one another, regardless of where we were in the world. Through the loss of one, many more souls young and old, familiar and new-found happiness and ease in the unity we shared as a family brought together under the most unlikely of circumstances. That to me will always be the true meaning of Christianity and ultimately the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit at work.

Regardless of how hard our lives may seem, remember God wants only the best for you and me. The suffering and loss we will encounter, much like the Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus would be meaningless if God did not have a greater good from which we will all find true happiness and salvation as God’s Will shall be done, on Earth as

Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Tanaka Muzangaza
Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management
GU Nathan, Hope Church St Lucia