In my final year, I prayed for the opportunity of having a paid job or internship, despite of my increasing stress and anxiety. But every application I sent, I was turned down. After numerous failed applications, I applied for one unpaid internship position. They accepted me due to my previous works with Unidus. As I preferred a paid job over an internship position, I questioned God on why this happened. However, with no better option, I still worked as an intern and with my skills equipped from my time with Unidus, I performed well, and the company offered me a paid position after my internship ended.

I discussed this with one of my close church friends on whether I should accept the job offer. Under her advice, I decided to take this job because it can train me on how to manage my time and keep my faith as a working adult in the future. There are three things that I told myself that I need to work on: work, study, and fellowship. It was not easy for me in the past year; there were so many times I wanted to quit my job. However, by God’s grace, everything went well. And once again, God assured me that he has never failed me.

With the stress of working two days a week and also studying full time, I had entirely given up on my studies in my final year. But surprisingly, I performed the best in the final year. I even managed to get the highest grade in two of my courses in my last semester. Also, I was able to spend time with new members in the church. Meanwhile, my company was asking me of my future plan after my graduation and see if I want to extend my working hours. I told them that I would like to study further. And they said there is a higher chance for them to hire me as a full-time worker if I complete my Master in that particular field. The company may not be my end goal, but what happened really secured me from my worries of the unknown future. Just before I wrote this testimony, I discussed my plan with my family to see if they are willing to support my studies. Though further confirmation is needed, most likely I will be able to study Master which previously was one of my prayers.

God has His own timing. I often thought God did not do anything, but He is working on and for us every day. I prayed about my future direction since the start of my degree, and I finally got a little clue from God after 3 years. Many times, I questioned God why would He not provide what I want. But when I looked back, I could see how God has orchestrated each moment of my life, and I would not trade it for anything else. I would like to encourage everyone to be patient and believe in God.

Man Shuen Pun (Alice)
Uni-Generation UQ3, Hope Church St Lucia